About me

Since 2014, I have been directing documentaries and accompanying audiovisual projects. I do everything with passion and with a strong commitment. I love to dive into projects and the universe of others and be enriched by the experience. I work in several languages (French, German, English and a little bit in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian). Navigating between borders since my birth, I feel comfortable at the crossing of identities and of paths.

Trained as a historian, I have acquired a taste for intellectual inquiries and for methodology. I’ve worked for NGOs for twenty years, spending a lot of time in Eastern European countries and elsewhere. This experience has shaped me. It gave me the ability to act and it has instilled in me an understanding of the fragility of things.

In 2011, I completed a program at the Ateliers Varan in documentary directing. In 2014, I learned video editing and sound recording at the École des Gobelins. This dual training allows me to oversee audiovisual projects in an autonomous way, from inception to the final cut.

Regardless of the status of your project, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to discuss it with you!